How to Cook with Non-Stick Pans

Cooking Egg in No Stick Pan

For years, you rarely cooked at home. You used your busy schedule and aversion to dishpan hands as excuses to bypass your kitchen as much as possible. Unfortunately, eating out habitually at your favorite restaurants hasn’t been kind to your waistline. In attempt to start preparing more meals at home, you recently purchased an impressive array of non-stick pans. If you can relate to this scenario, you might need some tips on how to cook with non-stick pans.

When preparing healthy dishes such as steak stir-fry, scrambled eggs, or roasted cauliflower, you might be tempted to coat your non-stick pans with a healthy dose of cooking spray. After all, these products are typically calorie and fat friendly. Unfortunately, commercial cooking sprays can ruin your non-stick pans. Some of the additives in these sprays cause residue to accumulate on your cookware. This film prevents your food from cooking evenly and destroys the non-stick surface of your pans. To prevent this from occurring, consider investing in an oil mister. Fill your mister with a healthy oil of your choice such as:

  • Olive
  • Sunflower
  • Coconut
  • Canola 

Besides banning cooking sprays from your non-stick pans, you should also avoid placing them in the dishwasher. While your owner’s manual might claim that your shiny, new pans are dishwasher safe, high heat and harsh, dishwashing detergents will likely damage them. To be safe, clean your non-stick cookware in your sink with a non-metallic rag or sponge.

After cleaning your non-stick pans, you must store them properly. If you own a hanging pot rack, storing your non-stick pans on it is a great idea. Make sure to leave adequate space between each pan so that they don’t touch each other. If you don’t have a hanging pot rack, you can safely house your non-stick pans in your cabinets. Simply place a soft cloth such as a dish towel between each pan. By taking this precaution, the non-stick surfaces of your pans will be protected from potential damage. By meticulously caring for your non-stick pans, you can likely enjoy utilizing them to prepare delicious, healthy meals for many years to come.


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