How Much Sleep Should You Get?

Sleepy Man Dozing at His Desk

It’s astounding how many factors come into play when it comes to our bodies operating at their optimal level. Many people are focused on their eating plan and think it’s the ultimate solution to every health issue. Others swear by essential oils, or exercise programs. As overwhelming as it may seem at times, it is actually a combination of many things. One of the crucial components of our health that is often overlooked is sleep.

In today's society, taking time to sleep is often looked down upon, while getting by with as little sleep as possible is applauded and encouraged. But not getting enough sleep every day will only end up cheating you of the health and longevity you need to keep up any work you’ve begun. Though sleep has a more obvious affect on our emotional well being throughout the day, it also has a massive effect on our physical bodies.

Though we may not notice it, there are many things coming against our health throughout the day: pollution in the air, pesticides on our foods, or strain from physical exertion. Sleep is the place our body goes to repair and heal from all these assailants. When you reach a certain place of deep sleep, your brain actually releases hormones that heal and restore your body. So there are some repairs that your body may never receive unless you get an adequate amount of sleep that is deeper than REM.

While everyone’s body is a little different, the average amount of sleep an adult needs to stay healthy and refreshed is about 8 hours per night. You may have a lot to do or even a lot of people to help, but the best way to get all of it done is to stay healthy and energized enough to keep doing it- and that’s going to take consistent doses of long, deep sleep.


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