Burn Calories with Winter Sports

Man and Woman in Snowball Fight

It can be tempting to stay at home instead of getting out in the snow to exercise but don't give in to the temptation. There are plenty of winter sports that will enable you to not only keep your weight in check, but also get your blood moving and warm your body from head to toe.

Skiing is a particularly enjoyable exercise, especially if you live in a scenic area. Moderate cross-country skiing can burn up to 544 calories per hour; you can burn more by either picking up the pace or skiing uphill. On the other hand, don't feel like you need an intense workout in order to shed weight. Even skiing downhill can burn over 400 calories an hour.

Playing hockey and cycling for an hour can also burn well over 500 calories. Even so, running in the snow burns more calories than any other winter sport. You can rid yourself of nearly 700 calories per hour by running a ten-minute mile in the snow.

Conversely, there are some relaxing forms of exercise that don't burn lots of calories. Don't dismiss these as even burning a few calories is better than burning none at all. Ice fishing burns a surprising 136 calories an hour. Curling burns over 270 calories an hour while sledding burns 476 calories per hour.

Start slow if you aren't in the habit of exercising on a regular basis and gradually increase the intensity and length of your workouts. Eating right and exercising regularly will enable you to not only reach your weight loss goals but also boost your metabolism and keep pounds off permanently. Furthermore, regular exercise offers a host of other health benefits including relief from insomnia, increased energy levels and a strengthened immune system.


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