Heart Healthy Foods: Add Octopus for Omega-3 Fats

Octopus Dish with Dipping Sauce

Heart health is on everyone's mind these days and with good reason. Heart attack, stroke, and diabetes are three of the biggest killers in America. Sadly, they are call connected by diet. The good news is that a healthy diet is a key ingredient in defeating all three of these diseases. And... the focus of a heart healthy diet is Omega-3 fatty acids.

Omega-3 — The Good Fat

Omega-3 is in many foods, such as salmon, oatmeal or spinach. One of the least recognized sources of Omega-3 is from the octopus. However, Omega-3 is just one of the ingredients for a healthy heart. Octopus is good for your heart in several ways. Octopus brings a viable low-fat and low-calorie option to the table. Add in the dash of B-12 vitamins and the power boost of protein and you have a food choice that is an all around winner.

Octopus has 25 grams of lean protein in every three-ounce portion. As a low-calorie food, there are only about 150 calories in three ounces of octopus.

How to Cook with Octopus

While food choice is a major part of enjoying a healthy diet, how you prepare food matters too. Most of us are familiar with calamari that is squid, not an octopus. However, you can cook octopus like you would calamari, but try to avoid the fried version of these foods.

One of the biggest problems with preparing octopus is that it gets tough when you cook it. That is easily overcome by tenderizing it with a meat hammer. Once tenderized it is excellent baked after dredging it in an egg and flour bath.

For those people who not only want a healthier diet but also want to lose weight, the Metabolic Research Center has an entire library of healthy low-fat and low-calorie recipes from which you can draw inspiration.


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