What is the Best Menu Plan to Lose Weight?

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A person's metabolism determines how easy it will be for them to gain or lose weight. Some people gain weight and then constantly struggle to get rid of the extra pounds. This often leads to trying any diet they can find along with starting program after program of exercise routines. The problem is they overlooked the fact that their metabolism is unique to their physical condition and general health. If they want to effectively lose weight, they must first find out what works for them and then stick to it.

The Best Menu Plan

The easiest way to lose weight and regain your good health is to eat real foods and supplement any deficiencies. The ideal menu plan would include a variety of foods in reasonable amounts. Food satisfies hunger and should contain adequate amounts of nutrition to meet the body's physical needs. Depending on the type of metabolism a person has, they will need differing amounts of certain nutrients.

Some require more protein than others, while a person with a different type of metabolism may need more carbohydrates. Extremely active individuals who have modest amounts of muscle as well as adequate endurance and stamina may require more carbohydrates. Someone who is extremely muscular and works out using short bursts of energy may require more protein.

Calories Consumed Versus Calories Burned

The time tested, scientifically proven theory that the number of calories consumed must be less than the number of calories burned if the goal is to lose weight, still holds true. Individuals who use that formula and eat real foods that they enjoy will effectively reduce fat and keep unwanted weight off over time. A simple, tried and true concept, the weight loss equation continues to be the simplest rule when it comes to weight loss. For help with your menu plan, contact the Metabolic Research Center for a free consultation.


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