Stay on Track — A Flu Shot Helps Keep You Healthy

Vial of Flu Vaccine

There are three types of flu virus and each year they cause upwards of 20 percent of people to come down with the flu. A flu shot helps to protect against the most prevalent types of flu and that means if you get a flu shot you decrease your risk of coming down with the achy body, coughing, fever, sniffles, and headache that are common symptoms when people get the flu.

Healthy Planning

You work hard all year to improve your health. You eat the right foods. You get the right amount of exercise. You invest in your long-term health so it only makes sense that you would consider keeping on track by getting a flu shot. There is a lot of hype out about vaccines and whether or not they are bad for you. As it turns out they are not bad for you. What is bad is the amount of misinformation that is circulating the web about vaccines and the flu shot.

Myths About the Flu Shot

One myth is that the flu shot contains mercury. It may contain mercury but there are many varieties of mercury and not all of them are the toxic kind. The mercury in vaccines is non-toxic and is explained beautifully by the CDC.

Another myth is that getting the flu shot may make you get the flu. That too is not true. The flu shot only contains pieces of the flu virus so it is not capable of causing the flu. Those pieces of virus are enough to teach your body how to recognize the flu virus and destroy it.

If you are ready to keep the flu at bay and keep on track with your healthy goals, then consider getting a flu shot. For more information about healthy living, or to find more resources for meeting your health goals, visit us at the Metabolic Research Center. Here you will find support for your healthy goals, good food tips, and recipes that bring flavor to healthy eating.


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