Do You Know How to Spot Junk Food?

Spot Junk Food

Practically everyone over the age of 16 knows that potato chips, candy bars and soda are "junk foods." While we are able to easily avoid the biggest culprits, it's not so easy to when we're being offered frozen yogurt and veggie burgers as health foods when they're usually not. If you're ever in doubt about something being junk food, take a closer look at it if it:

Is labeled as being "healthy" or "good for you." It may be "mom-approved" but that doesn't mean that toddlers should be consuming sugar-laden fruit sauce cups because it's also "healthy" according to the manufacturer. The regulations about how companies can label their products can be lax and it's essential that we consumers be a bit skeptical of what the marketers are telling us.

Has a shelf life of longer than a week. If you've got kids, and you've ever let them eat a fast food meal in the car, chances are a few weeks later when you did some deep cleaning, you found a fry, chicken nugget or remnant of a burger under the seat. While you were shocked at your discovery, you weren't grossed out by a huge pile of mold and bugs crawling all over it. That's because there are so many chemicals and preservatives in them that it takes a really long time for them to go bad. But try that in your kitchen with a potato, chicken breast or loaf of homemade bread. They won't even last a week!

Is a color that's not found in nature. Bright blue coated chocolate candies; lime green fruit snacks; fuchsia energy drinks. None of these are colors that you would find outside in your garden, a farmer's field or a forest. Artificial coloring can impact your health negatively since they're not recognized by our body and, along with other non-natural chemical compounds, are shipped off to our fat cells since our body doesn't know how to process them.

To learn more about healthy snacks that you can eat instead of packaged junk food, contact us at the Metabolic Research Center today!


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