Try Greens Instead of Eggs and Ham

Ladies Drinking Green Smoothies

Try this experiment for a week. Start your day off with a green drink instead the usual fare. Greens contain nutrients that offer fuel for endurance, mental clarity and vitality. Let's take a look at how getting your calories from greens can help cut your cravings in no time.

If green drinks are new to you and you're thinking "how will I feel full" you can add a little healthy "bulk" at first by adding an avocado or banana to your mix. Drinking greens allows you to experiment with other super foods as well to create variety with your drink.

Think Green for Breakfast

A green drink first thing can help you feel lighter and more encouraged to stay on track with your weight loss goals. Because they contain high amounts of fiber, they can help you feel fuller longer. The major health benefits of drinking green drinks include:

  • can reduce how much negative fat we absorb
  • help us absorb more nutrients, contain bio-available nutrients within
  • reduce cravings by balancing the glycemic index (aka balancing blood sugar levels)
  • help shed excess pounds by inducing a natural detoxifying effect
  • improving digestion- when the digestive process is running smoothly our ability to absorb nutrients is enhanced- this can help us feel more energy and less fatigue contributing to overall wellbeing
  • improve cardiovascular health

Try this recipe:

  • Handful of kale
  • One apple
  • One cucumber
  • 5 slices of fresh ginger (not pickled)
  • Add water if necessary

Metabolic Research Center is committed to teaching you how to fill your kitchen and diet with real, whole foods. We look forward to helping you achieve your weight loss goals ahead!


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