Celebrate Weight Loss… Just Not With Food!

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Maintaining healthy habits and losing weight can be challenging, so when you meet a weight loss goal, it’s definitely time to celebrate your success. Rewarding your weight loss efforts helps set you up for more success in the future, so take time to acknowledge and celebrate your achievements. Celebrating your efforts and successes will reinforce your healthy habits and offer inspiration that will help you continue your weight loss journey.

Make sure you celebrate your small successes as well as the big achievements. However, when it’s time to celebrate, don’t use food as a reward. You can find many great ways to reward and celebrate weight loss, but don’t fall into the trap of using food as your reward. Chowing down on a full day’s worth of calories will not only set back your weight loss efforts, it will also create an unhealthy relationship with food. A healthy diet is all about eating delicious, healthy foods in reasonable portions. However, food is not a reward – food sustains your body and helps your body stay strong and healthy.

Instead of rewarding yourself with a monster ice cream sundae, choose a non-food reward that you will really appreciate. Nearly anything can make a great reward if it’s something you like. Just make sure your reward doesn’t undermine your weight loss efforts or strain your budget. Remember, you need a reward that inspires you so it compels you to work hard to achieve your weight loss targets. You may want to make a list of small rewards that you will enjoy when celebrating small successes, and bigger rewards to celebrate larger milestones in your weight loss journey.

All of our weight loss consultants at the Metabolic Research Center understand your weight loss journey. They understand the importance of celebrating your successes, both large and small. You’re changing your life and you deserve to celebrate your achievements. After all, celebration has the power to keep you motivated as you continue through life.


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