How to Shop At Fall and Winter Farmers Markets

Man with Basket of Produce at the Farmers Market

Fresh vegetables can be purchased at year round at most farmers markets, depending on where you are. Eating healthy has become the priority and not the option for many people. While fresh fruits and vegetables can be found at the grocery store, they often travel hundreds of miles to reach their destination. A local farmer's market means the produce was grown locally. Small farmers often use fewer chemicals than larger agricultural farms that must mass produce close to perfect vegetables at all times.

Farmer's markets and community gardens grow their produce for as long as possible. In the southern states, outdoor gardens flourish all year long. In colder regions, greenhouses are used. When certain fresh fruits and vegetables are in season, it's easy to buy what is available. If you want to have certain types of fruits and vegetables all year long, buy as much as you are able to afford and either can or freeze them for times when they are no longer available.

If you like to eat healthy and want to eat with the seasons, know what fruits and vegetables are harvested during each one and buy accordingly. As fall begins and turns into winter, various types of squash, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, lettuces and many of the root vegetables like potatoes, carrots and radishes are readily available. Starting in January and leading into spring, cauliflower, leeks, pineapples, papayas, kale and broccoli become more prominent.

Visit farmer's markets often to find out what produce is available. The more you visit, you will begin to learn what vegetables are in season and when they will be available. Learning how to incorporate different foods into your diet will help you eat healthier all your long.


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