Food Manufacturers Have 3 Years to Remove Trans Fats

FDA Label Trans Fat

Trans fat, also known as partially hydrogenated oil, is an unnecessary artificial ingredient added to many foods which has no place in a healthy natural-based diet. While food manufactures love the flavor enhancing and food preserving benefits of trans fat, it has had serious negative health consequences for the American public. For that reason, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently banned all trans fat from foods, giving food manufacturers three years to completely eliminate it from products. The FDA estimates that this new ban on trans fats could prevent up to 20,000 heart attacks and 7,000 deaths annually.

Negative Health Effects of Trans Fat

Individuals who consume diets that contain high levels of trans fat have been shown to suffer from a variety of negative health consequences. In addition to a higher body weight, trans fat has also been linked to the development of heart disease, memory loss and high LDL cholesterol levels. High LDL cholesterol levels can lead to cardiovascular disease. All of these negative health correlations ultimately led the FDA to conclude that allowing trans fat to be included in foods was "generally recognized as safe".

Common Foods with Trans Fat

The levels of trans fat in many foods has been declining since 2006, when the FDA required food manufactures to begin listing trans fat on all food labels. The FDA estimates that the amount of trans fat consumed by the general public declined by around 78 percent after the labeling laws went into effect. However, there are still many common foods containing this harmful ingredient that will require modification in the coming years. Some of the most popular foods that still contain trans fat include frosting, microwave popcorn, packaged pies, frozen pizzas, margarine and coffee creamer.


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