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We all have our favorite foods. Often, our favorites are not always the healthiest, but we think it's okay every once-in-a-while, which usually it is. Problems begin when we eat unhealthy "fake food" frequently. Let's go through a few examples of what is actually in the "food" we may love the most.

Strawberry Milkshake: We're on a road-trip and decide to stop for some fast food. We think, hey a strawberry milkshake sounds great! What do you think the ingredients are in this tasty treat? Well "back in the day" there were four main ingredients: milk, ice cream, strawberries, and sugar. Today a typical fast food milkshake is full of a toxic blend of chemicals your body doesn't even recognize as food. Heck, the ingredients list doesn't even include strawberries at all but you're sure to find diacetyl, ethyl hempanoate, methyl benzoate, and amyl acetate among the 50 ingredients in the list! To satisfy your sweet tooth, choose a real food alternative or visit an old-fashioned malt shop for the real deal.

Breakfast Cereal: Okay, so we'll go for a healthy breakfast cereal instead of a snack food; what could be wrong with that? Lots of things. Today's mass-produced breakfast cereals found in the supermarket often contain a chemistry set's worth of items you shouldn't be putting into your body. Aside from high fructose corn syrup, other offenders include butylated hydroxytoluene, yellow #5 (made from coal tar, a known carcinogen), and annatto which is a natural flavoring under scrutiny for impacting blood sugar levels. As a healthy alternative in the morning, stick with natural granola, fresh fruits, and eggs you crack yourself.

Vegan Veggie Burgers: Is nothing sacred? Surely if it's vegan it's healthy. Wrong! One of the most popular vegan burgers on the market today contains disodium inosinate, modified cornstarch, carrageenan, and maltodextrin, which are all ingredients that either contain monosodium glutamate (MSG) or form MSG during processing.

The moral of the story is that the closer you are to your food, at its most basic ingredient level, the better off you'll be. Know where your food comes from and whenever possible, avoid processed foods. Stick with real ingredients and do more of the cooking yourself.


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