Are Tomatoes A Helpful Fruit Or Vegetable?

Tomatoes and Tomato Juice

For years, there has been a debate as to whether or not tomatoes are fruits or vegetables. There nutritional benefits, however, have never been questioned. They have abundant amounts of both Vitamin A and C and are well known for their benefits to the cardiovascular system. Eaten fresh or as consumed as a juice, they help to lower cholesterol and flush toxins from the body. Because of the acids and other components they contain, tomatoes help to keep the blood stream moving smoothly. It prevents platelets from sticking together and causing circulation to become sluggish and slow.

Tomatoes are prepared in much the same way as other vegetables. It is for this reason that many people believe them to fall into the vegetable category. In truth, tomatoes are actually fruits. Botanically classified as a fruit, tomatoes meet the criteria needed to be labeled as such. The problem is they do not have the flavor or texture associated with most fruits. When it comes to cooking, tomatoes are considered vegetables due to their taste and the ease with which they can be added to entrees.

Tomatoes are somewhat acidic and have a distinct flavor that is more commonly found in main dishes than desserts. Although they are treated like vegetables when it comes to cooking, they also make ideal snack foods. They can be sliced and served from the garden for people who like them and are looking for a nutritious snack. Many people choose to juice their tomatoes and drink them as part of a cocktail or simply by itself with a few spices added.

No matter how people try to label a tomato, the fact remains that it is one of the most nutrient-dense and beneficial foods available.


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