Why the Sleep Diet Failed

Woman Asleep Wrapped in Measuring Tapes

Fad diets that catch on have to have a good angle. Studies done through the years have shown that the amount of sleep you get affects what you eat, how you burn off what you eat, and even how much you eat. This research seems like the perfect hook for a sleep diet. When you don’t get enough sleep, it’s easy to eat more calories because you feel hungrier. It’s easier to eat those unhealthy comfort foods and your body doesn’t burn calories as effectively. Of course, it makes sense that the reverse is true – sleep more and you might lose weight.

However, before giving a “Sleep Diet” a try, take a closer look at what research has to say. One Harvard study showed that there are benefits to getting enough sleep. After looking at the weight of over 120,000 people every four years, they found that people getting six to eight hours of sleep each night saw some weight loss benefits. The study found that sleeping less than six hours each night resulting in weight gain. What’s surprising is that people who slept more than the recommended eight hours a night gained weight too. This means that going on a sleep diet may not give you the weight loss results you want if you’re sleeping too much.

Research has shown that people who eat a lot of sugary, high fat foods gained the most weight, but that’s not anything new. On the other hand, people who ate a healthy diet rich in nuts, whole grains, veggies, and fruits had an easier time managing their weight.

Skip the fad diets, such as the sleep diet. Even though fad diets sound good, they don’t provide the long-term weight loss results you want. Focusing on what we know works, which includes a healthy diet and a good fitness plan, will help you get the weight loss results you want.


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