Don't Let the Drive Thru Derail Your Weight Loss Plan

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It is estimated that one in four people in the United States eat fast food at least once a day. After all, the American drive thru is a very enticing convenience that's loaded with cheap food served fast. Unfortunately, eating fast food meals can derail your weight loss program with a whole day's worth of calories and fat in a single serving. In today's fast-paced society filled with busy schedules, it is so easy to stop at the Drive Thru for breakfast, lunch or when headed home at night. But, whether you're pressed for time or joining a group of friends for a quick meal, there are healthier choices for those trying to manage their weight.

Although food from the Drive Thru can derail any weight loss program, it doesn't have too. The next time you have to eat quickly think a la carte. In recent years, most fast food restaurants have felt the pressure and added healthy options. While Subway made headlines with Jared and his "Subway Diet", you can't ignore hidden calories and fat when eating out. Healthier options can be found on their "6 Grams of Fat or Less" menu. Taco Bell recently introduced its Fresco menu with items containing 9 grams of fat or less. When you order Fresco-style, they replace the cheese, creamy sauces, sour cream and guacamole with pico de gallo.

Other fast food restaurants have added fresh salads, fruit cups and grilled chicken sandwiches to the healthy side of their menu. Just remember to always hold the mayo and special sauces, and add as many fresh veggie toppings as you like. Keeping it fresh and simple has distinct advantages when ordering from any Drive Thru. To learn more about staying on track while you live a normal life, contact the Metabolic Research Center. We know what works and what doesn't.


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