Stable Blood Sugar Is Important for Good Health

Glucose Meter and Healthy Vegetables

Trying to maintain good health and good eating habits without addressing your blood sugar needs is like trying to maintain a car without changing the oil. Your blood sugar heavily affects your health, energy, and weight management. While individuals with Diabetes have special needs in regards to monitoring and managing blood sugar, for most people, blood sugar management is a matter of adjusting diet and eating times. Keeping your blood sugar at optimal levels by eating the right foods at the right time can help keep you energized and healthy.

Individuals whose blood sugar is too low - typically caused by not eating enough or waiting too long between calorie intakes - can suffer from anxiety, shakes, irritability, light-headedness, mood changes, or even fainting spells. In contrast, blood sugar being too high - often caused by a pre-diabetic or diabetic state - can cause frequent urination, fatigue, drowsiness, and weight loss. Having blood sugar that is too high or too low can be problematic.

How to Keep Blood Sugar Levels Stable

First, eat regularly. Skipping meals can cause blood sugar to plummet and cause adverse symptoms to your health, mood, and energy levels. Eating smaller, frequent meals can help keep glucose levels up. Secondly, instead of going for simple sugars and high carb foods, consider your food choices. Simple sugars and carbohydrates like white bread, pasta, and rice all break down more quickly in the body, causing large fluctuations in glucose levels. Fiber, proteins, and vegetables all take longer to break down and help provide a more stable blood sugar level.

The Metabolic Research Center offers many constructive and healthy ways to help manage your blood sugar as part of developing a healthy lifestyle. To learn more, contact the MRC location nearest you.


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