How Much Time Do You Need Between the Sheets?

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Sleep is an important part of good health. Without it we don't function efficiently. People who go for prolonged periods without a sufficient amount of rest can experience a vast number of health problems. Most doctors and other health professionals recommend getting between 7 to 10 hours of sleep a night. While some people thrive on 6 hours, others find it difficult to make it through the day when they get 8 or 9 hours. Lifestyle patterns play a large role in how well a person sleeps at night. Days that are full of constant errands and appointments can leave the mind cluttered with reminders as a person tries to fall asleep at night.

Learning to manage a person's thoughts will help them get the sleep they need to both energize and heal the body. Quieting the mind allows a person to enter a deeper, more restorative sleep. This involves moving past the REM phase, where dreams occur, to a non-REM phase. The non-REM phase is the state in which the body begins to heal itself. Micro-tears, slight strains, tissue damage and issues within the brain are allowed to heal. The brain is allowed to relax and the body enters a state of rejuvenation. People who are constantly in motion during the day, may only get as far as the REM phase when they sleep. This means the body is constantly under stress and does not get the time it needs to heal efficiently.

Always remember, the amount of sleep a person needs is not determined by their age. It is determined by their health, their lifestyle and the level of stress they endure each day. Evaluate your lifestyle and monitor your sleep time. Find the amount that suits you and allows you to feel your best.


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