Working Out Your Workout

Man Push Mowing His Lawn

Lifestyle changes are all about small, simple steps done at a plausible rate for the individual.  Overwhelming someone is not the point at all, and is most often counterproductive.  With that in mind, tailoring simple steps that are done one at a time is really the way to go.  The trick is finding the right blend of simple things that work for you, so you stick with them.

The “work-out” is the cornerstone of the exercise portion of the “diet and exercise” recommendation.  It is one of the things that fail for many people... the unused gym membership is most infamous.  If working out isn't working, maybe the problem isn't physique, but psychological.  Physical activity is what the health gurus are trying to push, and the form in which that happens is really up to each individual's personal motivation for lifestyle change. 

After long years of yoyo dieting, and boredom on the treadmill, many people just find they not only don't enjoy the “workouts” and tend to avoid them.  But exercise does not need to be a workout, it can simply be... moving the body.  Walking along the beach, hiking, riding a bike, washing the car, or playing tug-a-war with the dog, are all things that move the body and provide activity that helps the metabolism do its thing.    

Simply walking is a great way to work out, and can happen almost anywhere.  It's even easier when the weather is nice like during the fall.  Even a fifteen-minute walk, done regularly, can make a big difference.  Other  great suggestions include trading in the power mower for a push version, parking the car at the furthest parking space out, conducting meetings while walking, ditching the leaf blower and actually sweeping or raking leaves manually, getting off at the bus stop earlier than your usual stop, hiking around the mall (great for bad weather), taking the stairs, doing charity walks, and listening to faster music whilst mopping or vacuuming.  


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