Simple and Fresh are the Ticket

Salmon and Asparagus Dinner

Lifestyle changes are necessary to go from obesity to long term health. Changes in mindset, diet, and daily exercise are an intrinsic part of the long term weight loss process. So how does one embrace different habits while dining?

It is a complex subject, one with loads of different methods and suggestions available. Essentially, one must get closer and more familiar with what goes onto the plate, and preferably, learn to cook it. Truth is, there is a lot of sensory exploration that can go along with this kind of self-education. Professional chefs have touted seasonal and local for...ever. Even medieval chefs mention seasonal and local in their advice to their apprentices and peers. That is because there is something about eating produce, and even fish and shellfish in season.

It isn't easy to keep fresh fruits and vegetables in the house all of the time. It takes extra work and extra effort to do so, but the food that is prepared from what is locally grown and freshly picked is higher, and so the resulting cuisine can stand as a simpler, more attractive, and more nutritious dish.

A good pan seared fish dinner can be prepared in the time it takes to be seated in a restaurant and have a drink order taken, and is a fraction of the cost. Fresh steamed vegetables are often best just barely steamed, as they retain their natural sugars and all the juiciness and lushness that is possible for them to have. Really fresh fruit often needs nothing to make it delectable. A fresh peach is absolutely divine without a thing added to it. Yes, it takes more work to seek out, buy, and consume fresh produce compared to pre-prepared, canned, frozen, or restaurant food. But the effort is... delicious.


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