But It Only Has a 100 Calories...

Only 100 Calories

Calorie cutting is a weight loss strategy that has many misconceptions. One misconception is that a person can lose weight by simply eating items with only a few calories. For example, one might think that eating a chocolate bar or a small bag of potato chips is acceptable because it only has 100 calories in it. Sometimes, the trouble is in the content and not in the number.

A person who truly wants to lose weight will want to have a "quality over quantity" attitude to succeed. Three hundred calories worth of lentils can assist with weight loss more than 50 calories of cake can. The Metabolic Research Center uses this concept along with some additional research to formulate its highly successful weight-loss menus.

How the MRC Program Works

The MRC program works by using the logic of eating real food (healing foods). However, the program does not deprive a client of all the foods that he or she would normally enjoy. MRC recipes and menu plans contain items that one would purchase at the local grocery store. The menu suggestion can also work effectively at a restaurant outing with friends or family. The program does not use diet pills, calorie counting or strict menus. Instead, it uses a system that serves the human body in such a way that the member can initiate and maintain consistent weight loss.

Things Included in the MRC Plan

Every MRC member is assigned a personal coach to guide him or her into healthy and beneficial habits. The MRC weight loss consultant is there to answer any questions and concerns a new member has. A consultant will meet privately with the client to take an inventory of the person’s weight, lifestyle and goals. Then, MRC helps every member personalize the best routine and menu plan for their needs.

Every Metabolic Research Center offers a wide range of nutritional supplements to its members, as well. The nutraceuticals consists of products that fortify the body’s strengths and boost its processes naturally. Plus, each client's weight loss consultant provides the moral support and positive energy needed for success. MRC has been promoting healthy weight transformations for more than two decades. New members can trust MRC to be there for them at all times and to celebrate every achievement.


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44 lbs and 80 inches!!!!! I NEVER could have done this without you ladies. They taught me how to eat. They are encouraging and motivational. Even when I wanted to give up they helped me over come my discouragement of the plateau I hit. 2 thumbs up for the ladies here and the MRC program!!!! I have tried numerous other plans from workouts to diets and mixing the 2. Nothing worked before I started at MRC.


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