Tips for Healthy Holiday Success with Desserts

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Desserts - who doesn't love them. Some of us love them too much. As the holidays approach help keep your weight loss goals on track with these tips that help you fight off the mound of chocolate and desserts that seem to be everywhere.

Think Small

In a healthy diet, there is room for dessert. The goal, however, is not to eat the whole pumpkin pie. When it comes to making pies consider reducing their calorie load by using sugar substitute or applesauce to cut both sugar and fats. You can gain more fiber by leaving the skins on apples and adding flax seeds to pies, muffins, cakes, and cookies. It is, after all, the little things that make a difference. So while you are thinking small, consider using the small plate and the small fork. A little bit goes farther with small bites and looks larger on a small plate.

Think Spice

Winter spices like cinnamon and cloves help your body to shed fat. Cloves have been shown to help reduce the triglycerides in our bloodstream. There are plenty of healthy spices that do not add calories and yet make food taste great. Consider using those to help reduce sugar intake and prime your body for using stored fat.

Think Flavor

These are little rules that help you say no to the mountains of goodies that are everywhere during the holidays. Monday can be your no cookies day. Tuesdays can be the day you avoid everything with pumpkin in it. You get the idea. By making, these little rules you have an out when people offer you desserts and you don't want to blow your healthy goals. On the other hand, be sure to reward yourself now and then. It's okay to have a healthy snack or to indulge if you follow portion size.

Make Your Resolutions Early

The holidays are tough, but if you refocus your goals before the holidays, you will be stronger when it comes to temptation. "This year I want to lose five pounds by January 1." "This year I want to log more miles walking during both November and December." You can set yourself up for success rather than succumb to failure.

The key is to empower yourself to succeed. If you want to learn more ways to survive the temptation of the holidays, stop by the Metabolic Research Center and discover a place that was built to empower your weight loss success.


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