Add a Few Spices to Satisfy Your Hunger

Cutting Board Full of Herbs & Spices

When you think of losing weight, does it conjure up thoughts of eating styrofoam at mealtime? If starting your weight loss program wasn't enough, now you are facing months of eating bland, tasteless food three times a day. What a foolish train of thought that is. There is no evidence whatsoever that losing weight has anything to do with depriving your taste buds. So, why would you want too?

Listed below are a few of the more popular seasonings that can help you reduce the fat, carbohydrate and salt content at breakfast, lunch and dinner:

Garlic: A popular seasonings used in a variety of cuisines, garlic adds a delicious flavor to food and offers multiple health benefits. It helps to metabolize carbohydrates and fats, boosts immune function, lowers blood pressure, reduces the risk of heart disease, and acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory.

Mustard: This metabolism-boosting thermogenic is not just for hotdogs. Used in many marinades and pickling recipes, the small, pungent mustard seeds add great flavor when used as a seasoning in many types of dishes.

Cilantro: Also commonly known as coriander, cilantro is considered both an herb and a spice since both its leaves and its seeds are used as a seasoning. Cilantro helps to increase metabolic function and boost weight loss.

Parsley: Studies suggest parsley may help reduce the amount of glucose in the blood, which can curb appetite. Its fresh scent and bright taste add a flavorful light touch to many foods. Parsley is commonly used in soups, sauces, meat dishes, fish recipes, and sometimes just as a garnish.

There are numerous herbs and spices that will deliver a satisfying taste while providing added health benefits. Don't be foolish and limit your culinary seasonings to sugar and salt.


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