Your Grocery List is a Map to Better Health

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Grocery stores are arranged so that your eye and sometimes your stomach overrule your brain. Product packaging involves psychology and marketing that work together to tempt you to buy them. Are they healthy? Maybe. Are they full of chemicals? Maybe. Are they on your list? Chances are they are not. Save your money, gain health, and focus on your grocery list. In this put-it-back blog, we discuss the importance of your grocery list and why it is a map to better health.

Health and Eating

We are what we eat. So it just makes sense that when we eat good-for-us foods we gain health. That is mostly true. There is a little bit in there about portions that we should pay attention too. Speaking of paying attention, if you are into gaining health or losing weight then you should pay attention to what you eat. Losing weight is another of those weird phrases that have many meanings and in the sense here, it does not mean dieting. When we eat good food and gain health, we tend to lose weight. Why? It is because we are not eating all of those foods that have empty calories. Calories and portion size go hand in hand. So even if you eat good food, but too much of it, you can still gain weight. What the heck does all of this have to do with your grocery list? Where do you get the food you eat? We hope that much of the food you consume comes from a grocery store. There is another kind of list that we also avoid - the menu.

Shopping for Healthy Foods

If you were to visit the Metabolic Research Center's site and click on recipes, you'd find a ton of healthy meals that actually taste good. Go ahead and give it a try. If you peeked then you saw all of those beautiful photographs of healthy food options. Things like Egg and Bacon Frittata and the recipe to make it. As you think about grocery shopping, review the menus you want to make and from those menus, your shopping list will emerge.

If you have planned well, then everything you need is on your list. That list is comprised of just the ingredients needed to make beautiful dishes for every meal of the day. There are recipes there for dessert too. So put back that big bag of candy and instead, pick up what you need to make the Apple Pie Cheesecake. Yes, we said cheesecake. You can have dessert and actually eat it. Eating well is more about making smart food choices than it is about dieting. A well-planned meal is very satisfying. It contains all of the nutrients your body needs and therefore reduces the risk of cravings.

The Power of Your Shopping List

One of the first things you should notice is that you start to save money by just buying what is on your list. All of that extra "stuff" you throw into your cart is expenses. If you can save $25 a week from not buying junk food then you will save $1,300 a year. That's a plane ticket to somewhere nice. So not only do you gain health, you gain the funding to do things you might love. Show off your new body in Hawaii. Go hiking in Costa Rica. What's on your bucket list? You might save enough to take a few cooking classes. All of this because you learned how to put stuff that you don't need back.

Still not convinced? Well, explore some more of the Metabolic Research Center's website and read the literature, talk with a representative about your health goals. If you want to get healthy and lose weight do it by eating good food.


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