How to Plan Ahead to Enjoy Special Occasions


The holiday season can wreak havoc on any healthy eating plan if you don't plan ahead to avoid the pitfalls. Following are some tried and proven tips for avoiding unwanted weight gain during this time of the year.

Layout Your Menu Plan

If you intend to have some unhealthy, fattening snacks over a holiday party or meal, take this into consideration when creating your diet plan and cut out some other fattening foods from your diet ahead of time.

Tank Up Ahead of Time

If the event is held at the office or someone else's home, eat a small, healthy meal before heading out the door. Doing so reduces your appetite for unhealthy treats.

Plan How You're Going to Eat

Look over the food and snacks served to decide what you want to eat. Stick to healthy dishes and snacks as much as possible. If you do choose unhealthy food, limit your selection to one or two treats that you really want.

Bring a Dish That You Prepared

Take advantage of potluck parties and bring your own low-fat dish or dessert. Doing so makes things easier for you and anyone else at the party who wants to lose weight over the holiday season.

Avoid the Alcohol

Any type of alcoholic beverage is fattening. Avoid any excessive drinking. If you plan to have an alcoholic drink, consume water before and after. The best bet is to have a carbonated water on the rocks with a twist of lime. It will give you something to hold, you won’t stand out from the crowd and you'll save hundreds of calories at any holiday function.

Focus on the People... Not the Food

Focus on the people at the party rather than the food. Start a conversation with old friends or get out of your shell and make friends with people you don't know well. Staying engaged with people will help you avoid the urge to overeat or snack all the time.

Special occasions do not have to lead to automatic weight gain. Plan ahead so you can enjoy the party to the fullest without eating more than you should.


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