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Eating out has become a habit in our culture. We do it because it's quick and easy, we want to meet up with friends, or because we don't want to take the time to shop, plan, and cook meals ourselves. What we often don't realize is that when someone else is cooking our food - far off behind closed doors, using ingredients we are not monitoring - this can be a primary factor to our steadily increasing weight. But while tackling your own meal prep seems like an impossible dream, here are some reasons it's vital to your long-term weight goals, and some tips to make it far less burdensome to your weekly schedule.

First of all, pencil it in. Anything is overwhelming if we try to fit it in every single day. When you add up the time it takes to plan a list of meals and ingredients, drive over to the store and shop, and then buckle down in the kitchen and make these dishes come to life, the minutes and hours stack up quickly. But your health and weight shouldn't suffer due to a busy schedule. One tip that will significantly help the work of meal-prep is penciling in 2-3 hours every weekend to prepping the bulk of your meals for the week.

Now, make some practical purchases. Find some single-serving sized storage containers, buy a rice-cooker, a crock-pot, and anything else that will help inspire you for that block of meal-prep time. Finally, prep your meals. Portion out your protein, vegetables, and carbs into each container, so you can grab-and-go during the week. Avoid sauces that contain added oils and sugars, but go ahead and season your food with those herbs and flavors that are fresh and natural.

Instead of preparing meals every single day, you now have meals to take on your way out the door. You don't know what sabotaging oils, sugars, and cheap ingredients that restaurant chef is adding, so save your weight loss journey a lot of grief and build a habit of preparing your own meals. It's the best way to make sure only the best life-giving ingredients make it into your body. Check out our recipes section for a kick-start to your healthy meal planning goals!



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