Boost Your Metabolism Eating Real Food

High Potassium Meal of Fish, Bananas and Salad

With all the high-tech equipment, supplements and strategies that exist to help people lose weight, it's easy to overlook the obvious: Real food. Yes, food that isn't manufactured, powdered or altered. Food that doesn't come in a can. Nutrition that doesn't come in a powder or a capsule, just real food.

Nature Is Smarter

Real food tastes good and is "good for you." But what does that mean? It helps to remember that while science is an amazing thing, it has yet to trump mother nature in many respects. Natural, real food contains everything the human body needs to stay balanced and perform at its best. This is why so many diets fail, and why so many people who eat so-called "diet" or "health" foods continue to put on weight, feel sluggish or in some cases even become unhealthy.

The simplest answer is often the best. If you want to control your weight, increase your energy and improve your health, one thing you can do is increase your intake of potassium. This is because potassium is essential to iron absorption, and also helps boost metabolism and balance electrolytes. In a nutshell, potassium keeps you from low energy due to iron deficiency, helps keep you from retaining water and keeps your body running more efficiently. It also aids in the development of muscle. This is important because increased muscle mass leads to more calories burned.

Getting Enough Potassium

Sure, you can take a store-bought supplement, but real food is the superior way to get nutrients, because they are absorbed by the body more easily. Foods that are rich in potassium include: Beans, yogurt, dark green leafy vegetables, potatoes, bananas, mushrooms and avocados. Those are just a few.

For more information on healthy eating, weight management and overall health, contact Metabolic Research Center. Backed by over 20 years of research, MRC can help you lose weight, increase your energy and promote long-lasting health.


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