Should You Eat a Granola Bar for Breakfast?

Breakfast with Cereal and Fresh Fruit

The answer to that question is probably no. If your goal is to lose weight, then consider carefully the granola bars that you eat. Many brands of granola bars are laden with sugars and fats. They dress them up to look nice and of course they taste great, but at 300, 400, and even 500 calories per bar they are not helping you to lose weight. Remember, most sports bars or energy bars are used to feed an athlete's body during extreme physical activities. So unless you're competing in a marathon, there are much better options to feed your body each day.

Understanding Your Body

We are all unique. A weight loss journey should begin with understanding your body so that you can develop a menu that maximizes weight loss. Sometimes this is a process about moderation and other times it is learning how to balance meals so that you eat more good things and fewer foods that promote weight gain. Our bodies crave different things. Understanding how your diet affects cravings is also a powerful tool. 

Building Support

Some days lemon cheesecake is calling. How do you get over cravings without blowing your progress? A food coach and a weight loss coach are two ways to empower your weight loss agenda. A good start is to find a network that you can reach online. That way you can tap into that resource whenever you need it. And.. support and encouragement can be instrumental to anyone's success.

Losing Weight

Losing weight is more than what you put into your mouth. It is about turning your body into a machine that becomes a handy weight loss tool. To do so, you need to learn about foods that boost your metabolism so that you lose weight faster. Understanding how hormones and other chemicals that your body produces interact is another way to stop putting on weight and begin losing fat. 

If you are serious about weight loss, try the Metabolic Research Center. In our program, you will find customized menu plans that support weight loss, as well as the supportive coaching you will need to learn about your body. An MRC consultant can explain how you can boost your metabolic rates and find the perfect balance to health and wellness. All of this and you still enjoy eating real meals. No more starvation diets or diet pills. Eat, live, and lose that unwanted weight. 


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