How Veggies Help You Lose Weight

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The idea that veggies can help you lose weight isn’t really earth shattering – you already know that. However, you may not know that the nutrients found in certain veggies can help blast fat, rev up your metabolism, and help you achieve your weight loss goals. If you want to take off a few pounds or maintain your weight loss, add these fat burning veggies to your diet.


Remember how Popeye always ate spinach? Well he was onto something. Spinach is packed with protein, which helps your body build muscle, and more muscle burns more calories. It’s also full of other essential vitamins and nutrients, making it a weight loss super food.


You’ve probably heard that hot peppers can help boost metabolism, but even mild peppers can be great for your waistline. Peppers contain dihydrocapsiate, which boosts metabolism, and the vitamin C content also aids in weight loss by counteracting the stress hormones responsible for fat storage around your middle. Indulge in hot peppers if that’s your thing, but sweet peppers offer the same benefits.


Grab lentils from your pantry and add them to dips, soups, and stews to boost your weight loss efforts. They’re not only high in protein, they can also help keep your blood sugar stable. They have slow burning carbs that make you feel full and keep you energized, and they’re great for your digestive health too.


Sure, onions may leave you with smelly breath, but they’ll also help you lose weight. They contain quercetin, which helps regulate blood sugar levels and increases blood flow. Onions may also help keep your blood pressure healthy and lower your cholesterol, improving your overall health.


Broccoli is a nutritional powerhouse known to help ward off many types of cancer, but it also has fat busting properties as well. It contains sulforaphane, a phytonutrient that helps fight the storage of body fat. The vitamin C found in broccoli can also help lower cortisol levels, reducing fat storage around your middle.

Want to give your weight loss plan a boost? Stock up on these powerful veggies and add them to your diet to improve your results.



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