Fad Diets Versus Eating Healthy

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There have been some amazingly bad fad diets like the cookie diet or the five-bite diet. Seriously. Look. The kicker is that if you want to lose weight then you have to put fad diets behind you. Dieting is not the solution for losing weight. Sure, people lose weight dieting and then in a few months all that weight comes right back. Why? Because dieting does not prepare you for what to do after you lose the weight. In this keeping-it-off blog, we look at some of the crazy fad diets and then show you why the Metabolic Research Center is the place to lose weight for good.

Lemonade Dreams

There has been that argument about acidity and weight loss. The lemonade diet is right there. Feel free to drink nothing but lemonade mixed with maple syrups and of all things, cayenne pepper for three or more days. Excuse us while we wrinkle up our face in disgust. There are so many better ways to lose weight simply be enjoying healthy food. Even celery sounds better than the lemonade diet. Try a citrus and avocado salad instead.

Yep, that's healthy for you. The difference between a fad diet and eating healthy is that when you eat a healthy diet you are not throwing your body into survival mode. There is no suffering. There is no strain on your organs. You simply eat more good foods and foods that are good for you. That is why the citrus avocado salad can be part of your weight loss agenda. Eating healthy is not a diet. Instead, it is a way of life. If you think you could get used to eating things like an avocado, spinach, and cheddar cheese scramble or taco stuffed peppers, then go ahead and follow the link to the Metabolic Research Center and leave the fad diets behind.


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