Stop Believing Manufacturer's Food Claims

Couple Reading Food Packaging

There is a lot going around on in the news and on the internet about food labels. Just recently it came to light that products marketed as honey may not have any honey in them at all. So what are you eating when you put honey in your tea? It turns out that some of those jars of honey are nothing more than corn syrup and coloring. Well, that did not even come from a bee, and it has very little positive health benefits.

One of the first things that come to mind when you read about things like this is diabetes. Are misrepresented food labels adding to our health problems? Absolutely they are. And.. in the case of honey, which is a natural product and that has health benefits, consumers who buy "honey" that is only corn syrup lose the healthy properties found in real honey.

What about Organic foods?

Turns out that there is a variety of stages of organic foods and labeling is not very explicit about which is what. Something labeled as "Organic" should be organic. It isn't. It only needs to be 95 percent organic. So what is the other 5 percent? That 5 percent could be GMO food, foods with pesticides, that magical word "filler," or toxins such as food coloring. Organic food must have a label that reads 100 percent organic for it to be 100 percent organic.

That is just another example of how food labels mislead consumers. Healthy eating is about choosing quality foods, and that means not trusting what food manufacturers print on their labels. An excellent place to find out more about healthy food is the Metabolic Research Center. They provide outstanding facts about healthy food and how food choices become a critical part of losing weight, gaining health, and understanding the secret code to food labels.


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