Five Top Pre-Workout Tips

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Slimming down and toning up take more than sticking to a nutritious diet. Getting effective exercise and plenty of it also is key. Whether you're hitting the gym, working out at home, or heading into the sunshine for an outdoor exercise session, a pre-workout plan can assure you'll make the most of your time and effort.

Metabolic Research Center recently came across this great SlideShare slideshow outlining one leading exercise expert's pre-workout ritual tips. Among the top tips:

  1. Get a good night's sleep the night before so that you're rested and ready to power through not just your workout, but a full, productive day.
  2. Take a cold shower to really wake your senses.It's great for your skin, too.
  3. Enjoy a healthy breakfast or lunch that's high in protein and complex carbs for energy throughout the day.
  4. Focus on the task at hand - getting a great workout free of distractions. That means leaving your smartphone at home or in your locker!
  5. Plan ahead so you'll know just which exercises you'll complete and why.

See the slideshow for more pre-workout tips. And visit your nearest Metabolic Research Center location for a tailored nutrition and exercise plan designed to help you meet and maintain your weight loss goals. Call 800-501-8090 to learn more.




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