Don't Take the Escalator.. Use the Stairs!

Entrance to an Escalator

If you are managing your weight, you already know the importance of cranking up your heart rate and burning a little fat to support your routine. When you're short on time or just want to amp up the intensity of your exercise regimen, consider taking the stairs. This can quickly take your fitness level to new heights as you mentally replay the sound track to Rocky in your head.

Stair climbing is a great calorie-burning exercise that works almost every part of the body, including toning the core. To increase your heart rate and warm up the leg muscles, keep your shoulders back, look straight ahead and begin your climb. Once you reach the top, put most of the weight on your heels for the descent. This will work opposing muscle groups and absorb more of the impact while taking pressure off the knees.

According to, a 140-pound person will burn about 100 calories while toting an object and walking up seven flights of stairs in 10 minutes. When it comes to calories burned while climbing stairs, the more you weigh the more you burn. For example, someone walking up the stairs who weighs 200 lbs. will burn almost twice the calories as someone who weighs 100 lbs. Regardless of your body weight to maximize your workout, just increase your pace.

Since many people spend most of their awake time at their place of employment, it can be most beneficial to find a way to incorporate stairs climbing into their routine. Daily exercise like climbing the stairs can make a significant contribution to the 30 minutes of exercise you should get every day. For the rest of us, try to avoid the elevator and escalator when you're out and about. After all, stair climbing is free and will definitely help you improve your overall health and wellness.


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