Why Pasture-Fed Hens' Eggs are Healthier

Fresh Eggs

No doubt you've seen the egg carton labels and perhaps contemplated the differences  between caged, free-range and pasture-fed hens. Perhaps out of a sense of compassion, you chose the slightly pricier free-range or pasture-fed option. Good news - you made the healthier choice not just for the hens, but for you and your family, too. Here's why:

While free-range hens get a little more freedom to move around, the label you really want to look for is that pasture-fed label. It means that the laying hens were fed adiet of grass and insects in addition to a grain diet.  By comparison, caged hens are fed strictly grain diets. That makes a real difference in the healthy content of the eggs you'll eat.

More Vitamin A: Free-range eggs contain some 67 percent more vitamin A than do caged hen eggs. This vitamin is important for the development of teeth, bones and soft tissue, as well as good vision.

More vitamin E: Free-range and grass-fed eggs also contain up to three times the vitamin E than their conventional counterparts. Not only is vitamin E great for your blood and circulatory system, it's also a powerful antioxidant.

Less cholesterol and fat: A recent study showed that eggs from pasture-fed free-range hens contain a third of the cholesterol and a fourth of the saturated fat as those from caged hens. 

Omega-3 fatty acids: These are polyunsaturated fats areknown to help lower the risk of multiple health maladies including diabetes, stroke, digestive disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, dementia and certain cancers. Plus, it's key in reducing belly fat and weight.

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