How to Handle the 3 PM Slump

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Kicking a soda habit is one of the first recommendations that weight-loss professionals make.  There are a number of reasons for this recommendation, but taking the empty carbohydrates out of the diet help people who are seeking to lose weight to jump start the process.  Soda has an insidious presence in the world, lurking at every convenience and restaurant oasis.  It even makes its way into many workplaces.  It is difficult to avoid its presence.  And trying to stay away from the soda machine at work can be a challenge, especially at the 3 pm slump. 

Finding something to drink that is refreshing without adding sugar to one's diet is equally as challenging.  Tea may be the answer.  Many people have trouble staying away from soda are caught in a vicious cycle.  Fatigue is often the underlying cause of this cycle, which drives people to drink caffeinated sodas to get both the caffeine kick and the short lived boost of energy from the sugar.  This fatigue can result from insomnia or sleep apnea, or simply living a stressful lifestyle.  However, caffeine stays in the human body for a long time, and can disrupt sleep when it is consumed too late in the day.  Half of the caffeine that is consumed for that 3 pm slump will still be there at 11pm.

People with sleep apnea are doubly bound into the soda-cycle, as the weight gain that results from soda consumption exacerbates the apnea, which makes the sleep deprivation worse. 

Tea is an excellent way to combat the soda cycle and take those empty calories out of the equation.  Tea is available in a multitude of flavors, some of which taste sweeter even when they aren't sweetened.  When herbal teas are taken into account alongside traditional tea, it comes in caffeinated and decaffeinated varieties, and lots of different flavors.  Tea can be brewed on a stove, using solar power in a windowsill, or even cold-brewed in the refrigerator at work.  Try tea the next time 3 pm rolls around, instead of sugary soda.


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