How Calories Differ for Weight Loss

Good and Bad Foods Spell

When choosing low-calorie foods, you have to be careful. You cannot, for instance, consume a serving of potato chips at only 100 calories and expect it to be the same as say a 100-calorie serving of carrots.

Part of the reasons the fresh carrots versus the potato chips would be healthier is because whole foods are easier to digest. Another example is if you were to eat twice as many calories’ worth of dried beans (i.e. lentils, kidney beans) instead of half as many calories as any food loaded with sugar and carbs. You need to eat foods in their most natural form possible in order to benefit most from their nutrients. The whole foods you eat are what will most help you lose weight and stay fit.

Now, you do not necessarily need to become obsessed with nutrient counting to maintain a healthy weight. However, you are advised to consume as many varieties of fresh and natural foods as possible if you want to stay healthy. With that in mind, if you do consume carb calories, try to eat only the whole-grain varieties and avoid processed bread, cake, donuts or other substances. The same is true of meat or dairy. Make sure it is the type produced with as few preservatives and additives as possible.

Consuming fresh, whole and natural foods digest much easier than the processed ones. As a result, more of the nutrients in them absorb into the blood and are used by the body. This is part of what helps metabolize the energy that you need to make it through the day. In turn, it helps you maintain a healthy weight and builds your immune system against sicknesses and diseases.

An additional benefit of whole foods is that many of them control hunger better than processed foods. One reason why is because they contain the natural satiety substances in them that is not present in high-carb or high-fat snacks and meals.


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