Getting Fruit and Vegetables Into Your Diet with Savory Smoothies

Cold Gazpacho Soup

Eating raw fruits and vegetables whole is certainly the obvious way to get the most out of them, but not everyone has the digestion, the dentition, or the taste for eating them this way.  Some people won't touch anything that might have been green at one time.  However, it is important to get as much fruit and vegetables, particularly leafy greens, into a diet as one can.  It is good for every organ system to receive the nutrition that these plants offer, and the fiber has the additional bonus of being a mechanical boon to the GI tract.

Beware using bottled juice for this purpose.  Although the food industry would love for this to be true, bottled juice is not the same as eating fresh fruit.  Bottled juice is a decent enough option if one is trying to kick a “soda” habit, as long as it is treated as a stepping stone for a less-sugar alternative.  But bottled juice is never a replacement for whole fruits and vegetables, or a smoothie, and perhaps juicing.

The USDA recommends 2-4 servings of fruit and 3-5 servings of vegetables a day.  Balancing fruits versus vegetables is very important for smoothies and juicing. Too much fruit sugar is not a good idea, but it may be easier for many to get that much into their diet through the use of smoothies and juicing, it is certainly a great way to cut down how long it takes to consume that many servings for people on the go. 

A great option for “savory” smoothies is raw soup, which is uncooked vegetables that are blended into a tasty, seasoned puree.  This is not cooked at all, in order to preserve all the goodness of the ingredients.  Many recipes are available for this type of food, as it is a cornerstone of the vegan “raw” movement.


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