Eat HOT to Lose Abdominal Fat

Bowl of Cayenne Peppers

Spicing up your meals might be just the thing to aid you in your weight loss goals. Hot sauces, chili peppers and black pepper may all benefit you. And of course, they can also enhance the taste of your meals.

Capsaicin, the chemical in peppers such as cayenne or other hot peppers, is what makes these foods taste hot. The more capsaicin, the higher the heat factor. In addition, there's evidence that capsaicin can help people burn more fat for energy and turn white abdominal fat into brown fat. The color change matters because brown fat actually burns energy, while white fat doesn't. Having more brown fat may also decrease your risks of obesity and diabetes. Black pepper stimulates the breakdown of fat cells.

There are lots of ways to incorporate these fat-burners into your daily diet. Sprinkle some hot sauce over your omelet in the morning, or saute chopped peppers into the omelet itself. Enjoy a spicy dish of chili for lunch or dinner. Many relishes contain spicy peppers, as do some pickled foods. Fajitas or fish with grilled peppers are colorful and flavorful entrees. By the way, although sweet peppers like bell peppers are a good source of vitamin C and fiber, they won't add any capsaicin, so stick to the hot varieties for fat burning.

It's easy to add some black pepper to your diet. Use a pepper grinder to grind fresh black pepper onto salads, meats and vegetables. Sprinkle it on whole grain rice or a baked potato with yogurt. Although peppery snacks like sea salt and black pepper potato chips might sound good, remember they're high in saturated fat and it's very easy to eat too many, so get your black pepper from other healthy whole foods.


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