Do You Suffer From Low Happiness Hormones?

Woman in a Depressed Mood

Have you ever experience sugar cravings that seem to come out of nowhere? They can be tough to deal with but understanding what causes these sudden sensations can keep them from wrecking your weight loss efforts. Serotonin is nature's Happiness Hormone. This powerful chemical not only curbs cravings, it make you feel satisfied even if your stomach is not full. As a natural mood regulator, serotonin makes you feel emotionally stable, less anxious, more tranquil and more focused.

When your serotonin levels are out of whack, it can lead to depression and that alone can significantly boost your brain's sugar cravings. Your brain has the ability to monitor serotonin levels and sends a signal when serotonin levels fall below a certain threshold. When serotonin levels are normal, your body and brain have the ability to gauge satiety. However, when these levels drop, your brain sends a signal that encourages you to eat. Then, once you've consumed high-glycemic foods, your blood sugar rises causing insulin to be released. This helps to kickstart serotonin synthesis.

If don't get enough protein in your diet, or if your body isn't digesting protein correctly, it can signal the brain to release chemicals that tell you to eat more, even when you're not hungry. Make sure you add a lean protein serving to each meal or snack. Fish and meat are among the highest sources of protein. If you are a vegetarian, try consuming fortified cereals, seeds, and nuts. These are excellent alternative sources as well. Your serotonin levels have a strong influence on appetite, which is directly correlated to your weight.

Food and diet are excellent ways to start implementing changes in terms of stabilizing your mood to promote healthy weight loss. However, there are also a number of others options that can help to restore a higher quality of life. To learn more about using natural supplements to manage your cravings, contact the Metabolic Research Center for a free consultation.


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