Be Healthier - Set Goals Not Intentions

Book of Goals for 2016

We all have the best intentions, especially when we set up our New Year's resolutions. Intentions, however, are soft and they offer to many ways to allow failure to creep into your plans. There is that saying — The road to hell is paved with good intentions. We mean well. We promise ourselves. We may even begin strong, but then our intentions fade to failure. Goals, on the other hand, are measurable and achievable, but even goals need a little help. In this becoming a healthier person blog, we discuss how to set healthy goals and achieve them.

The Three Parts of Goals

We can make goals like we do intentions, but that is not enough. We need the knowledge to meet the goal. We need the motivation to meet the goal and we also need to act. Those three things — knowledge, motivation, and action — are required if we are to meet our goals. For those people who want to become healthier, you can find the knowledge to success by visiting the Metabolic Research Center. There you will find a wealth of information that helps you succeed in living a healthy lifestyle. If you are searching for information about becoming healthier, then you have motivation. All you need to do now is act on that motivation.

1.  Knowledge to Be Healthy - What kind of knowledge go you need? How about a better understanding of food choices. By learning which foods are superfoods, good for you, vitamin rich, and full of healthy nutrients you can reach your goal simply by changing what you eat. We said "simply" and you probably laughed, but it can be simple and you don't need to have a PhD in nutrition to succeed. Basic knowledge will do just fine. When you visit the Metabolic Research Center, you have access to good information about healthy foods. They even have a huge library of healthy recipes that make enjoying a healthy diet delicious. 

2.  Motivation to Be Healthy - You have motivation because you are thinking about setting goals to become healthier. Sometimes that is enough and at other times, you may need a little help. The Metabolic Research Center offers support that helps you maintain your motivation. A good tip to stay motivated is to enlist the support of your family, friends, and co-workers. You don't have to go it alone. By making this a more social journey, you gain motivation to succeed. Another good tip is to celebrate your successes. You just met a goal. Reward yourself with something. It does not have to be candy or donuts. It can be something like adding $20 to your vacation fund. After all, if you become healthier you will likely lose weight. Why not show off that loss on a white sandy beach?

3.  Actions to Be Healthy - Becoming healthier involves changing many aspects of our lives. Make walking dates and get moving. Make dinner dates that are all about health. If you are doing this with friends, plan healthy potlucks so everyone gets into the action. Add exercise, choose healthier foods, laugh more, be social about making changes and what you should discover is that your goals become easier to achievable. The last tip is to allow yourself time. Rome was not built in a day. So set your expectation for goal success with a mind towards realistic time frames.

Can you do this? Yes, you can. If you want more information about gaining health, losing weight and succeeding at goals, just drop by the Metabolic Research Center and explore all of the good information there.


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