Soy May Be the Perfect Substitute for Animal Protein

Fried Tempeh on a Banana Leaf

Soy foods have been part of the eastern diet for centuries but are still relatively new to western cuisine. High in plant-based protein, soybeans are part of the legume family and share that family's reputation for high protein, rich nutrient, low fat and no cholesterol foods. Many people know about soy foods such as soy milk, edamame (or green soybeans), and soy nuts - or in a more processed form as tofu. Today, many health food companies make soy into veggie burgers, pasta, or other food items that mimic tastes of existing foods. Often, this is a benefit to those on restricted diets such as those allergic to gluten or those removing animal protein from their diet.

What makes soy so great? Soy has high protein content, allowing it to be a useful replacement for animal protein in a healthy diet. The FDA's protein guidelines rate it as a high quality protein for its nutritional quality and its easy digestibility. Further, soy is versatile, edible in both its bean form and when used to create other dishes such as tofu. Without a strong taste of its own, it can be easily flavored and seasoned to create numerous dishes.

You might wish to consider soy as a larger part of your diet for several reasons. Studies suggest that soy may help lower cholesterol and help heart health. Further, soy is an excellent source of protein to keep you from getting hungry, all while giving you energy. If you are trying to incorporate more vegetable-based protein in your diet and move away from using animal protein, soy is an excellent, tasty substitute. Further, soy is often allergy friendly to people who are allergic to other plant based proteins. For more tips on incorporating plant based proteins and soy into your diet, the Metabolic research center specializes in healthy, clean nutritional information.


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