How to Improve Your Giddy-Up

Sleepless Woman and Snoring Husband

Science has not yet discovered how sleep and weight are interrelated, other than how carrying extra weigh in the neck impacts the mechanical actions of breathing while asleep, which often leads to snoring.  Some theorists maintain that sleepless individuals are more likely to be overweight. 

Regardless, sleep is certainly part of a healthy life in general.  Obesity commonly contributes to sleep apnea.  Sleep apnea is a serious, and common, condition in which one's breathing is interrupted during sleep.  It may happen once or dozens of times during the night.  Obesity is one of the common risk factors for sleep apnea.  In some people, simply tackling the obesity can reduce or entirely cure sleep apnea symptoms.  In others, a CPAP breathing machine or other treatment may be necessary. 

People who have sleep apnea have a higher risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, and stroke, just to name a few.

Whatever treatment option is necessary, reducing the sleep apnea improves the quality and sometimes quantity of sleep that people (and their spouses) are able to get.  More sleep improves vitality, alertness, and general quality of life.  It sharpens the wit and improves metabolism.  It makes it much easier to have the pick-up-and-go necessary to make it to the gym or do an exercise regime of any kind regularly.  It also offers less opportunity to make poor eating choices.

Whatever the connections between sleep and weight, getting more sleep certainly makes it easier to lose weight successfully, and to keep the weight off long term.  Those who are really serious about a healthier lifestyle should pursue sleep problems alongside their weight issues.  It may simply be a case of sharpening the saw to make each calorie a little easier to take off.



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