Revising Holiday Dessert Recipes

Frosted CakeWith all the delicious holiday desserts around, sometimes it’s tough to keep your sweet tooth under control. If you have diabetes or you’re working to lose weight, it’s important to keep your diet healthy and your sugar intake under control. While it’s tough to completely avoid sweets during the holidays, you can find some great ways to revise holiday desserts so they’re a bit healthier while still satisfying your taste for something sweet. Here are a few great ideas you can use to make those holiday desserts a bit better for your waistline this holiday season.

  • Instead of using as much sugar, make use of sweet-tasting flavorings and spices, such as vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg.
  • You can use a sugar substitute to replace as much as half of the sugar called for in your favorite holiday dessert recipes.
  • Replace some of the fats called for in the recipe with some baby-food prunes or some applesauce when making cookies, cakes, or brownies.
  • Instead of white flour, go with whole wheat flour to cut calories and add fiber.
  • Add avocado to recipes in place of half of the butter called for in recipes. It’s a heart healthy fat that offers protein and fiber.
  • Instead of milk chocolate, go with dark chocolate that’s 70% cocoa or higher to lower the sugar in the recipe.
  • Skip the high fat, high calorie toppings, such as canned frostings or whipped cream.
  • Stick with small portion sizes when you do eat holiday desserts to avoid consuming too many calories. 

Since the holidays are a special time, go ahead and enjoy a bit of your favorite holiday sweets. The key is to stick with small portion sizes, since they are high in sugar and carbs. Lightening up your desserts can also help you enjoy favorites without sabotaging your weight loss efforts.


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