Does Your Super Hero Eat Superfoods?

Wooden Bowl of Fresh Spinach

Well, mine does. For more than eight decades, Popeye the Sailor Man has appeared in cartoons, comic books, radio broadcasts, TV programs and movies, as well as arcade and video games. In fact, images of the highly-branded and very lovable sailor are apt to pop-up anywhere, especially if Bluto (Popeye's arch nemesis) or spinach are involved. With forearms the size of most character's legs, the popular superhero would often squeeze the contents of a can spinach directly into his mouth for superhuman strength to save the day and impress his sweetheart, Olive Oyl. Now that's a superhero and the reason why I started eating spinach at an early age.

Nowadays, I can be caught munching on fresh baby spinach directly from the bag, enjoying my spinach dip while watching sports on TV, or drinking a breakfast smoothie with spinach as an active ingredient. So, you can understand my dismay when my granddaughter asked me to read from her favorite new book, Captain Kale and the Superfoods. In this latest work from the very talented author & illustrator (and mom of four) Amy Roth, every kid can become a Superkid by eating healthy and battling junk-food villains that hide in their pantry like Sneaky Snack Cake. Definitely a five-star read designed to teach children and adults the benefits of eating healthy in a fun way.

Naturally, I couldn't wait to get to my computer and find out how this highly-touted green leafy vegetable would do in a head-to-head matchup against a time-tested pro like spinach. As it turns out, per 100 grams  each have 0 mg of cholesterol and very little fat but Popeye's power food contains only 23 calories where the same serving size of Kale is almost 50 calories. However, if you're eating fresh greens, you really don't need to worry about caloric intake. Both are high in Vitamin A and potassium but Kale delivers about four times the amount of Vitamin C. Fiber is a bit higher in Spinach but Kale is usually cheaper at checkout.

The good news, my grandkids have their own way of learning about superfoods and that will help them make healthier food choices for the rest of the lives. Plus, with a little luck, they may never find out about Wimpy's addiction to fast-food burgers.


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