Do You Have Vitamin Deficiencies? Try Adding Calcium!

Can of Sardines

One of the most common causes of non-microbial disease is vitamin deficiency.  A balanced and healthy diet can stave off the ravages of nutritional problems, but most Americans do not manage to have a balanced diet.  Many nutrients can be lacking, but there are seven most common vitamin deficiencies.  Iron, iodine, vitamin D, calcium, B12, vitamin A and magnesium are the seven most common deficiencies.  Vitamin deficiencies are most commonly identified by their symptoms.

Calcium works its magic on every cell of the body.  It is necessary for the nervous system, for muscle (the heart!) and necessary for bones and teeth growth, development, and maintenance.  When the body needs calcium but is not getting sufficient intake for its needs, it will scavenge it from the bones.  When it has an overabundance, the bones is where calcium is stored.  The lack of calcium in the diet is a portion of how osteoporosis works, as the lack of calcium makes the bones soft and fragile.

Lack of calcium intake is very common in young people, in fact, it is more common in teens that they have too little intake (80% or more of the population) compared to those that get enough.  In adults, these numbers aren't much better, although supplements do help.

There are both plant and animal based sources of calcium in the human diet.  Boned fish like sardines carry the most calcium per serving, followed by dairy products, and dark green vegetables like kale, spinach, and broccoli.  Calcium and vitamin D go hand in hand, as those who are vitamin D deficient cannot properly absorb calcium.  These are often provided together in supplements. Vitamin D milk solves this problem in one stroke, which is why the vitamin D supplement is added to milk.


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