Add Vegan Hot Soups or Vegan Cold Soups to Menu Plan

Fresh Bowl of Vegan Soup

There is a subsection of a vegan diet that is known as “raw”.  People who follow this diet do not cook their food, and don't eat anything that has been heated to a temperature greater than 115 degrees Fahrenheit, in order to insure its maximum nutritional value in the form of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and enzymes.  Other types of vegans eat hot or cooked soups as a matter of course.  Both of these diet categories offer some pretty fabulous recipes for people to use who are seeking easier and tastier ways to get more vegetables into their diet. 

Raw soup is convenient in a fashion because it is prepared very simply and with very little preparation and no cooking in a blender.  They do not use stocks of any kind, as these foods are cooked, and so the liquid components of these soups is often a creative addition of coconut milk, water, almond milk, or other liquid.  It is essentially a savory, seasoned smoothie, which can be made in minutes.  A high powered blender makes these types of soups even more easily and smoother than an ordinary blender, although an ordinary blender will do in most cases.  Sometimes, some of the ingredients are sliced, while the rest are blended, so that the soup will have a more hearty texture, chunkier like a traditional soup.

Seasoning these soups is important, and some of them are highly sophisticated.  Herbs are a common addition, as are dates for sweetness.  In fact, raw soup recipes are meticulously constructed so that each component offers flavor and maximum nutritional value. It would be easy to end up with a bland puree without this consideration. 

Vegan hot soups use a lot of the same tricks as the raw soups.  However, vegetable and mushroom soup stocks can be used in vegan hot soup, so that they are much more like traditional soup. 


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