Want Better Health? Eat Real Food

Chef with Real Food

There is a ton of medical studies that point out that fresh; real foods provide more nutrition, high-quality vitamins, and enzymes when compared to most boxed foods. Have you ever read the label on a box of macaroni and cheese or boxed rice dish? If you had, you'd know that these foods are full of sodium, fat, and sugars. Sodium, fat, and sugar do not promote health. The promote disease such as diabetes, hypertension, carotid artery disease, and even stroke and heart attack are linked to diets high in salt, fat, and sugar. Death from a box — Do we want to die from eating "food?"

Your Body and The Boxed Label

There are a million diets out there — the paleo diet, starvation diet, diabetic diet, cardiac diet, latest Hollywood diet, etc. What do all of these diets do? They regulate the food that you stuff in your mouth. We are continually bombarded with nonsense such as "If you want to lose weight, then don't eat that. If you drink ten glasses of water per day and only eat 400 calories, you will lose weight."

Who wants to live like that? If you want to find better health and along the way lose weight, then consider eating real food. Boxed food is like taking drugs. After a while, you need more bad food to feel good. In the meantime your pants don't fit, you get out of breath walking from your cubical to the copy machine, and you have to drink five cups of coffee per day to stay awake. That is not the way to live.

Fortunately, there is help. Turn your browser to the Metabolic Research Center where healthy eating is a way of life. There are no more diets there is just the discovery of food that is good for you and good to eat. Throw out the toxic boxed food and instead of living on coffee, enjoy an apple. There is no reason to starve to death while you try to find the healthier you. It is just a matter of making smarter food choices so that you can shed the weight, find the energy, and sharpen your brain at the same time. The Metabolic Research Center is the gateway to finding healthier food you will love.


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