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With the summer months just around the corner, why not take advantage of the warmer temperatures and move your exercise routine outdoors. In addition to providing a chance for you to get away from the grind and do some solo thinking, hiking lets you reflect and recharge. Here are four (4) reasons why a good hike beats the gym when you're looking to shed weight and tone your body:

Hiking is a Change of Pace - The view from the stairmaster doesn't change much from one day to the next. On the other hand, a hike offers a plethora of possible views. And, you can mix it up by hiking along the river, the beach, the city's skyline, the park or the wilderness.

Hiking Helps You De-Stress - Studies have shown that spending a little more time outdoors can be beneficial to your health and well being. Unlike the blue light being emitted from the TV on the gym's treadmill, fresh air and daylight are natural stress relievers.

Hiking is a Better Workout - It is easy to get stuck in performing the same routine day after day. Simply stated, you muscles adapt and the benefits decrease. Hiking provides a variety of movement that is more effective for toning up as you traverse uneven terrain.

Hiking is Great for "We Time" Too - There's no better place to reconnect with your best friend, your kids, your dog or your significant other than taking a hike together.  It's a great workout that nobody has to hate.

For adults, regular aerobic exercise such as hiking leads to improved cardio fitness and muscle tone as well as better weight control. Now that you know it is good for your body and your mind, head out for hike this Memorial Day weekend. It will do your body a world of good.


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