Marinate Vegan Meat Substitutes for Any Cuisine

Marinated Tofu on the Grill

Whatever your reason for deciding to eat meat substitutes is, these foods can benefit the body. Moreover, you can prepare many vegan meals just as if you would if you were to use beef, chicken or other animal food.

If you do not eat meat, chances are it is because you prefer not to. However, you also might have been told by your doctor to consume less animal fats in order to improve your heart condition. In any case, you have quite a few menu options available that provide you with a healthy source of nutrients.

Three Great Meat Alternatives

Three of the foods that you can prepare in a similar way as animal meat include tofu, tempeh and seitan. Each of these provide a variety of nutrients to the body while making it possible for you to consume less fat. These plant-based vegan substitutes also will pass through your digestive system easier without sticking to your colon unlike animal foods. In addition to the nutritional value, these soy substances also provide you the firmness and texture that is appropriate for your meals.

1) Tofu

Tofu, for instance, more often than not is used instead of meat in Asian stir-fries. This food is high in protein, low in fat, and free of cholesterol. In addition, it provides other important nutrients such as the calcium, soy saponins and soy saponins. Tofu allows just about any combination of spices or sauces to soak into it especially when marinated for a while.

2) Tempeh

Tempeh is a soy product more firm than tofu. It is most often made into a cake form and contains more protein (about 18.2 grams per serving) than tofu. It also has calcium and iron in it and is cholesterol free. The carbohydrates in soy are also easier to digest, and it has a taste similar to nuts. It often is used as a burger or sandwich meat substitute, and it often is used on the grill.

3) Seitan

Seitan has a similar texture as tempeh, but is made from wheat flour or gluten. It has more protein at 36 grams per serving, and you can use it in stews, stir-fries, salads, wraps, kabobs and more. For anyone who is not gluten-sensitive, this is a wise choice for ingesting a healthy source of non-animal protein.


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