How to Add Fresh Pomegranates to Your Menu

Fresh Pomegranate Cut in Half

Pomegranates are an unusual but healthy fruit to add to your diet. Unlike many fruits where the flesh is consumable, pomegranates are used only for the seeds, or arils. The white inner flesh and the skin of the fruit are very bitter. Pomegranates offer a healthy source of fiber, potassium, vitamin C, and vitamin K to your diet. The seeds are also strong sources of folate, antioxidants, and polyphenols, all of which may contribute to healthy weight management. Pomegranates are also sweet enough to offer a dose of sweetness to kill a craving while being relatively low in calories, making them an excellent choice for healthy eating.

With all of these benefits, you need ways to work pomegranates into your menu. Obviously, the fruit can be eaten just fine on its own or makes a wonderful snack as well as an addition to breakfast. If you're tired of just eating pomegranate seeds, however, there are numerous ways to incorporate these tasty seeds into other recipes.

For breakfast, try adding pomegranate seeds into cereal or as a topper on yogurt or granola. This sweet and tart add-on can add flavor as well as nutrients to your starting meal. Pomegranate seeds are a wonderful addition to salads in lunches. For dinner, pomegranates can make a great addition for eggplant, stuffed grape leaves and grilled meats such as pork or chicken. The seeds can also be ground into a sauce (chiles en nogada), made into a chutney or jam for additional flavoring and topping options, or used as a flavoring in grilled vegetables or side salads. With so many options, both cooked for flavor or fresh for color, flavor, and nutrients, pomegranate is a wonderful addition to every meal.


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