Three Reasons Why the Cabbage Soup Diet is a Bad Idea

Two Bowls of Cabbage Soup

The Cabbage Soup Diet is a popular fad diet that is meant to help you lose weight quickly. As the name implies, it involves eating mostly cabbage soup for a whole week, although you are allowed to eat a couple other foods each day to go with your soup.

Following are three reasons why you may want to reconsider this quick weight loss scheme and instead choose one with better long-term results.

1)  The Cabbage Diet Causes Fatigue

The cabbage diet does not provide the well-rounded nutrition your body needs. Your body will not have the protein or fat intake it needs in order to function properly and so you will feel tired and find it very difficult to study and/or work.

2)  Discomfort from Gas and Bloating

Cabbage is known to be a gassy vegetable and eating too much of it will cause gas, bloating and discomfort. Because the Cabbage Soup Diet by nature requires you to eat cabbage soup all day long, it is to be expected that even those who are not prone to gas will have problems with this particular diet.

3)  Can Lead to Serious Health Dangers

Your body needs at least 800 calories per day in order to function properly. You cannot get this many calories while on the Cabbage Soup Diet and this can in some cases cause irregular heart rhythms and/or an electrolyte imbalance. Both conditions have the potential to be fatal.

Unfortunately, like most quick weight loss schemes, the Cabbage Soup Diet is not a good idea. The best way to lose weight is the healthy way. Eat a balanced diet that includes all food groups but minimizes fatty protein, junk food and processed foods. Doing so will help you shed pounds without causing long-term damage to your health.


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